Whats your opinion on the Disney re-sellers??

Whats your opinion on the Disney re-sellers??

In “normal” life if I want something I try and live buy the rule “walk away and if I’m still thinking about it in 3 days then you can go back and buy it”.

But the Disney bubble is a different environment, and when in the parks I tend to have major FOMO always over spending on merchandise.   On our last trip we had to bring an empty hand luggage case to be able to bring our score home, and for our upcoming trip we have upgraded the seats on the return flights so we can have 2 hold cases per person! - YAY

The problem with FOMO is when you return home and realise you’ve spent £500 on merch that you are never going to use.   I can therefore understand the number of genuine re-sellers who are simply trying to pass on their “unlikely to be used” items.

Being so far away from any of the parks I have a love/hate relationship with the thought of the re-sellers.   It feels cruel that some dedicated park goers miss out on collectable items because they cant get to whatever park due to their location. 

What i hate is when you see these re-sellers with strollers and wagons stocking up only to put a massive markup on the very same item when they list it on ebay.  Have you ever bought from an ebay reseller before and was your purchase worth the inflated cost??


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