Man rides Every Disney Ride Worldwide in Twelve Consecutive Days

Man rides Every Disney Ride Worldwide in Twelve Consecutive Days

Disney Superfan Nathan Firesheets has been all over Twitter and other websites for completing his mission of riding every Disney ride currently operating across all twelve Disney Parks around the world in 12 consecutive days.

Nathan Firesheets, a.k.a. @A_Coaster_Story on Twitter, has gained publicity across the social media platform because of a sign on his backpack which read

“I’m riding every ride at all 12 Disney Parks in 12 days” with a list of the parks, #DisneyGlobalRideChallenge, and QR codes for his Twitter and YouTube channel.

 On March 9, Nathan completed the first leg of his latest challenge, riding all 28 rides at the two Disneyland Paris parks, before travelling to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and both Tokyo Disney parks before beginning both parks at the Disneyland Resort and then onto all four parks at Walt Disney World. 

Congratulations to Nathan who completed his challenge  by 19th March 2023.

Nathan has kept his followers up to date on his journey by posting content about his journey and a thumbs-up photo from every ride he boarded.  In a video Nathan explaining what inspired the Challenge:-

“I’ve seen people who visit all the Disney parks in the world but just go in, do one thing, eat a churro, and leave, and that seems silly to me,” he explained. “Why travel all the way around the world and not at least try to enjoy all that the parks have to offer?”

 The journey was not without its challenges but he managed to ride every ride available to him during his visits to each of the twelve Disney parks.

 The first thing he did after completing the global challenge was pick out a special ride as a bonus fireworks addition to his quest. Check out his entire journey as posted on his Twitter account and on his YouTube channel.


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